Maundy Thursday

This service will be available later in the day.  It is an evening service. Please join together for this touching service that will be held at the lovely St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Innisfail.

Hardy Sonneberg

Hardy Sonnenberg’s Jalopy

We mourn along with Kathryn and her family following the passing of Hardy. Here is a picture with his prized “jalopy”.

Share your Easter Traditions!

Here is the Powell story:

During our first Easter in Sylvan, on Woodland Crescent ,our neighbor Judy Cole was unable to go home . 
She said she would miss rolling eggs in the coulees of Lethbridge! We had a big pile of snow in front of 
our houses so Easter morning we lined the neighborhood kids up on it and rolled coloured eggs down the 
hill. Because my girls were so young , they felt this was part of Easter and it has been ever since.
It became a tradition for the Powell family and we have rolled eggs wherever we are whether in Brandon, 
Regina or our Albertan homes. This has been happening for 36 years and my grandkids continue colouring 
eggs and rolling them on their driveways or sidewalk.