Welcome to our Church!

Please join us Sundays at 10:30 for in person or online services.  Please be prepared to wear a mask and social distance so we can protect those who aren’t vaccinated, are young or have compromised immune systems.

If you are holding on a bit longer before returning to in person services, please be sure to check for the service online.

As always, call the church and leave a message if you have any questions or concerns – 403-887-5702.

Easter Sunday 2021

Join us on Easter Sunday at Sunrise (about 6:50 a.m.) on facebook for a live sunrise service, Then put on your Sunday Best to worship with us (online, of course) for our Easter Sunday Communion Service.  Be sure to have your communion elements ready!

Maundy Thursday

This service will be available later in the day.  It is an evening service. Please join together for this touching service that will be held at the lovely St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Innisfail.

Hardy Sonneberg

Hardy Sonnenberg’s Jalopy

We mourn along with Kathryn and her family following the passing of Hardy. Here is a picture with his prized “jalopy”.