Reverend Steven Webb

Rev Steven Webb, B.A. M.Div.,  Ordained Feb, 15th, 1987.

Prior to my Ordained ministry, I served in pastoral ministry for much of the time that I spent in seminary training.  I graduated prior to that from the University of Guelph with a Diploma in Agriculture and later returned to Guelph, earning a Bachelors of Arts Degree.  My seminary training was at Knox College in Toronto and my home congregation of St, Mary’s Presbyterian church in St. Mary’s, Ontario was also my supporting congregation during this time.

I was first called to serve God as a farmer and did so working in the agricultural industry as a manager of a purebred hog operation as well as a laborer in beef and cash crop farming.  Following this early experience and then ministry training, I have served in rural and small town congregations in Ontario, Nova Scotia and now here in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

I feel extremely blessed to have served God across this country and additionally blessed to have had opportunity to participate in mission studies in Bangladesh,  India on two occasions and the Holy Land.  I enjoy the interaction with people that smaller congregations afford, truly family oriented congregations.  The people of the church are the body of Christ alive in this world today, to be able to share in that within close knit congregations is what makes ministry come alive.  It is a joy to share such ministry.


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