Worship Services

Our in-person worship services are suspended at the moment (yeah, we are tired of Covid restrictions too), but if you would like to attend when we open for in-church services, please leave a message at 403-887-5702 or memorial_office@shaw.ca.

I’m thinking we may want to have a really BIG celebration when we are vaccinated!

… I can’t leave a comment!

Thank you to all of you who notified me that the comments weren’t working (and wow – they really don’t!)  The PCWeb division of our national church are busy at work fixing this issue and will let us know as soon as we are able to comment again.  In the meantime, if you have a comment about an item we post, please email Rev. Webb at revwebb01@gmail.com or Dolcé (Worship Team) at dolcemoir@gmail.com or Lynn (Worship team leader) at lynn.m.e.bergen@gmail.com.