Maundy Thursday

This service will be available later in the day.  It is an evening service. Please join together for this touching service that will be held at the lovely St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Innisfail.

Hardy Sonneberg

Hardy Sonnenberg’s Jalopy

We mourn along with Kathryn and her family following the passing of Hardy. Here is a picture with his prized “jalopy”.

Share your Easter Traditions!

Here is the Powell story:

During our first Easter in Sylvan, on Woodland Crescent ,our neighbor Judy Cole was unable to go home . 
She said she would miss rolling eggs in the coulees of Lethbridge! We had a big pile of snow in front of 
our houses so Easter morning we lined the neighborhood kids up on it and rolled coloured eggs down the 
hill. Because my girls were so young , they felt this was part of Easter and it has been ever since.
It became a tradition for the Powell family and we have rolled eggs wherever we are whether in Brandon, 
Regina or our Albertan homes. This has been happening for 36 years and my grandkids continue colouring 
eggs and rolling them on their driveways or sidewalk.

2020 Annual General Meeting

Well folks, I apologize – I forget to click “record” so I don’t have the recording of the fastest AGM in Memorial history – 15 minutes!!  Thank you to all 51 of you who took the time to vote online and on paper.  Your comments are in the body of the minutes below.  These are draft minutes and still subject to corrections!

Important note – there was an additional meeting of the Board and Session following the AGM, where a Finance Committee of Barb Cooney and Catherine Janke was formed.  We thank John Christianson for his service!

This meeting also appointed Val Langevin as our new Envelope Secretary, taking over for Sharon Graham after many years of service.  The excerpt from those minutes follows the AGM minutes.


Memorial Presbyterian Church, Sylvan Lake

Annual General Meeting Part 2

February 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom

 Attendance: Reverend Steven Webb, Jim MacSween, Dolce Moir, Sheila Warner, Helen Anne Homenuk, Barb Cooney, Les Engman, Diane Powell, Anna Olive, John Christianson, Jim MacSween, Joel McCutcheon

Regrets: Catherine Janke, Cheri Kay

It was agreed that Anna Olive will act as secretary for the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting opened with prayer at 7:00 

The minutes of both the January 28, 2021 (Part 1) Annual General Meeting minutes and today’s minutes will be brought before the congregation at the 2022 Annual General Meeting for approval. 

Motion:        Anna Olive – Helen Anne Homenuk, that the agenda be approved as amended. Carried. 

Motion:        Dolcé Moir – Diane Powell, that the minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting be approved as amended. Carried

Amendments: Spelling of Haward on page 2; wording in Finance Report, item a. comment iii now reads “maintenance costs will be back to normal after this year’s renovation.”

Motion:        Diane Powell – Catherine Janke, that the reports as a whole be approved as amended. Carried

Amendments: (Page 9) Catherine Janke’s phone number shall be 403-887-4476; (Page 3) Barb Cooney’s name read “Barb Cooney”

Motion:        Anna Olive – Dolcé Moir, that the 2020 Financial Review be tabled until the 2022 Annual General

Meeting, but that it will be made available as soon as it is complete. Carried

Motion:        John Christianson – Jim MacSween, that the budget be approved as circulated and amended. Carried.

Note to the Presbyterian Church in Canada that The Presbyterian Sharing amount was approved as recommended.

Motion:        Catherine Janke – Anna Olive, that the Enduring Gifts Application for Funding from the Multimedia Team be approved. Carried

Note that the amount required for this project has been donated.  We thank the family who made this generous donation and the Multimedia Team thanks all of you for supporting them through all the growing pains.

 AGM Comments:

Thanks to the many angels who have worked so hard to get us to this point ????

Thanks to everyone who is working on the congregations behalf to keep us afloat and connected during this very challenging time, blessings…..jennifer

Thank you for putting this all together we appreciate your faithfulness and hard work job well done.

I want to share my deepest appreciation to Steve & Karen for their unwavering support in this unprecedented time. And a very special thank you to Rev.Steve for his inspirational messages twice a week, every week as well as his devotions in the newsletters. I know you are working harder than you ever expected, and I thoroughly appreciate all your efforts.

Thank you to all who have worked so hard to get this done.

Thank each one for all you do to support our church

Thanks to everyone who works so hard for our church.

Thanks to everyone who works so hard for our church

I am thankful for ALL members of the team that have kept Memorial right on top! You have done..and continue to do an amazing job to keep us “all together”!! May your hearts be encouraged!! And Pastor Steve & Karen…so appreciate your ministry (even from a distance!!)…

Thanks for this process. I wonder if we should do it again the same way or similarly next time or is it too much work behind the scene? And maybe it doesn’t allow for real “discussion” (on the flip side, sometimes it’s the discussion which causes more confusion!)..

Thank you to ALL for all your hard work.

Thanks to ALL!

Thank you. God’s Blessings

Thanks for all your hard work.

I vote against no.5 as money sent to Ontario when we have needs here. I am also against a raise to the minister in these times considering he received a raise prior to being entitled last year and is probably getting money for the two other churches he looks after.

Your doing a great job

You are absolutely amazing.  Keep up the good work.

6 no longer needed (multimedia)

Motion:           Jim MacSween – Les Engman, that the Trustees for Memorial Presbyterian Church in Sylvan Lake to be in place until the 2022 Annual General Meeting will be: James Ian MacSween, Joel Fredrick McCutcheon, Bryan Grenville Lambertson, Deborah Ann Parry. Carried.

Adjournment: Diane Powell at 7:15 p.m.

 The meeting closed with prayer.

After the AGM, the Board and Session continued to meet – here is the pertinent information from that meeting:

A Finance Committee has been struck consisting of Catherine Janke and Barb Cooney. This committee will be responsible for the day-to-day finances of our church until the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

It was agreed that we appoint Val Langevin Envelope Secretary.

 We all thank John Christianson for his service to our church over the past year.

 We all thank Sharon Graham for her service as envelope secretary for the past several years. 

 We all look forward to working with Val Langevin as he assumes the important role of Envelope Secretary. 

 Thanks, John, Sharon & Val.

Worship Services

Our in-person worship services are suspended at the moment (yeah, we are tired of Covid restrictions too), but if you would like to attend when we open for in-church services, please leave a message at 403-887-5702 or

I’m thinking we may want to have a really BIG celebration when we are vaccinated!